Why a minor in Global Studies?

With the emergence of a global society for the first time in the evolution of the human species, issues of shared concern must be confronted, simultaneously, systemically, and synchronously, at local, national, regional, and global levels.  These include environmental degradation, food scarcity, rapid resource depletion, sustainable economic development, weapons of mass destruction, terrorism and international crime, world health, human-created and natural catastrophes, impediments to the spread of democratic and human rights values and practices.

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A graduate minor in Global Studies…

  • Enables students to gain a deeper understanding of the processes of globalization
  • Builds on students’ disciplinary and professional knowledge base, and the conceptual frameworks, analytic tools, and methodologies derived from their particular programs of studies
  • Integrates students’ specialized skills within the broader interdisciplinary, intellectual, and public policy demands of the challenges confronting the world’s populations



A total of 12 credit hours consisting of three courses. Students must complete either GLBL 500 (sample syllabus), which is currently offered every fall semester), or GLBL 501 (sample syllabus), which is currently offered every spring semester. In addition, students must complete two courses that form a coherent plan appropriate to global studies — at least one course must be at the 500 level, and only one course can be from the student’s major department.

CGS encourages students to choose a set of courses that address issues confronting the peoples of the globe. Twenty-five units throughout the university submitted examples of courses available for enrollment by Global Studies Minor students – subject to instructor approval and verification that these courses meet the requirement for a minimum of 25% global studies content. Students are advised to review syllabi of the courses they are proposing for the Minor to ensure their relation to global studies. Check out the list of sample courses, but please be aware that these are suggested classes only and may not be available every semester or every year.


Application Guidelines

Open to Masters and Doctoral students at the University of Illinois. Students must achieve a grade of B or higher in the three courses taken for the Graduate Minor in Global Studies.

Applications will be reviewed by the Center for Global Studies Director, Professor Steve Witt. After CGS approval, students will then need to secure approvals and signatures from their major advisor and department head and return forms to CGS. When all required courses for the graduate minor have been completed, CGS will submit the form to the Graduate College.

Upon receipt of application materials, CGS will schedule an advising appointment with the student.


Contact Information

To learn more, please contact the CGS Coordinator for the Graduate Minor, Timur Pollack, at tpollack@illinois.edu.

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