The Global Studies Minor requires that students take either GLBL 500 or GLBL 501, as well as two additional courses relevant to a student’s proposed minor as approved by the Director of the Center for Global Studies. The other two courses may be fulfilled by a wide variety of disciplines, subject to approval. The courses listed below represent a sample of offerings that can be used for Global Studies Minor credit. Please review potential courses with your advisor and the CGS Director.

Please note that not every course will be offered every semester or every year. Also please note that at least one of your selected courses must be at the 500 level, in addition to the required GLBL course you have chosen. Only one course can be from the student’s major department.


Agr, Consumer, & Env Sciences

Agr & Consumer Economics

ACE 406 Environmental Law
ACE 406 Environmental Law
ACE 411 Environment and Development
ACE 435 Global Agribusiness Management
ACE 436 Intl Business Immersion
ACE 451 Agriculture in Intl Dev
ACE 454 Econ Dev of Tropical Africa
ACE 455 Intl Trade in Food and Agr
ACE 456 Agr and Food Policies
ACE 474 Econ of Consumption
ACE 556 Agr Policy and Political Econ
ACE 561 Adv Res and Scholarly Comm
ACE 591 Independent Study
ACE 592 Special Topics
ACE 594 Seminars and Workshops
ACE 557 Food, Poverty and Development
ACE 559 Food, Trade, and Development
ACE 445 Intermediate Personal Fin Plan

Agric & Biological Engineering

ABE 436 Renewable Energy Systems

Agricultural Communications

AGCM 430 Comm in Env Social Movements

Crop Sciences

CPSC 431 Plants and Global Change
CPSC 567 Bioinformatics & Systems Biol

Food Science & Human Nutrition

FSHN 428 Community Nutrition
FSHN 469 Package Engineering


HORT 464 International Hort Products

Human Dev and Family Studies

HDFS 499 Seminar
HDFS 595 Seminar
HDFS 539 Youth, Culture and Society
HDFS 592 Advanced Statistical Analysis
HDFS 529 Youth and Family Acculturation

Natural Resources & Environ Sci

NRES 407 Wildlife Population Ecology
NRES 454 GIS in Natural Resource Mgmt
NRES 455 Adv GIS for Nat Res Planning
NRES 456 Integrative Ecosystem Mgmt
NRES 499 Special Topics
NRES 423 Politics Intl Conserv & Dev
NRES 418 Wetland Ecology & Management
NRES 426 Renewable Energy Policy
NRES 439 Env and Sustainable Dev
NRES 516 Ecosystem Biogeochemistry

Nutritional Sciences

NUTR 530 Childhood Obesity I

Technical Systems Management

TSM 438 Renewable Energy Applications


Applied Health Sciences

Community Health

CHLH 407 Disability, Culture & Society
CHLH 415 International Health
CHLH 469 Environmental Health
CHLH 494 Special Topics
CHLH 510 Public Health Dev


IHLT 475 Field Experience in i-Health


KIN 442 Body, Culture & Society

Recreation, Sport, and Tourism

RST 570 Cultural Aspects of Tourism


College of Media


ADV 476 Global Advertising
ADV 475 Multicultural Advertising
ADV 550 Foundations of Advertising


JOUR 460 Special Topics
JOUR 480 Advanced Reporting Topics
JOUR 500 Current Issues in Journalism
JOUR 482 Immersion Journalism
JOUR 470 International Reporting


MDIA 568 Political Economy of Comm
MDIA 571 Proseminar I
MDIA 572 Proseminar II
MDIA 590 Special Topics
MDIA 578 Communication Ethics
MDIA 560 Feminist Media Studies
MDIA 577 Philosophy of Technology

Media and Cinema Studies

MACS 466 Japanese Cinema
MACS 504 Theories of Cinema
MACS 410 Media Ethics
MACS 495 Internship Seminar

Strategic Brand Communication

SBC 501 Strat Branding
SBC 502 Essentials of Business Mgmt
SBC 509 Strategic Media Management



Curriculum and Instruction

CI 401 Intro Tchg in a Diverse Societ
CI 402 Tchg Diverse Middle-Grade Stu
CI 403 Tchg Diverse High School Stu
CI 415 Lang Varieties,Cult,& Learning
CI 507 Prob Trends in Spec Fields
CI 542 Science Ed & Phil of Science
CI 562 Ling and the School Curr
CI 587 Multicultural Literature K-12
CI 590 Sem for Adv Stu of Education
CI 446 Culture in the Classroom
CI 406 Thry Prac in Elem Schl Tch I
CI 558 Programs in Teacher Education
CI 512 Mult Educ/Global Perspectives


EDUC 499 Education Abroad

Educational Policy Studies

EPS 402 Asian American Education
EPS 413 Aesthetic Education
EPS 420 Sociology of Education
EPS 421 Racial and Ethnic Families
EPS 500 Topics in Educational Policy
EPS 510 Traditions in Philosophy of Ed
EPS 511 Contemporary Philosophy of Ed
EPS 512 Advanced Topics in Phil of Ed
EPS 530 Education and Globalization
EPS 533 Global Youth & Citizenship
EPS 590 Advanced Graduate Seminar
EPS 529 Education and Human Rights
EPS 550 Global Issues in Learning
EPS 580 Researching Global Education
EPS 537 Globalizing Educational Policy
EPS 575 Cult Studies and Crit Interp
EPS 536 Race, Gender & Sexuality Issues
EPS 538 Globalization of Higher Ed
EPS 570 Postcolonial Theory & Methods
EPS 431 New Learning
EPS 545 Sexualities and Education
EPS 426 Comparative Education
EPS 401 History of Educational Ideas
EPS 403 European Education to 1600
EPS 404 European Education since 1600
EPS 424 Economics of Education
EPS 425 Anthropology of Education
EPS 525 Pedagogy and Equity
EPS 534 Ed. & Power in the Middle East

Educational Psychology

EPSY 515 Multicultural Counseling
EPSY 570 Adv Theories of Ed Evaluation
EPSY 590 Advanced Seminar in Educ Psyc
EPSY 419 Counseling Pre-Practicum
EPSY 501 Evaluation in Society
EPSY 402 Sociocultural Infl on Learning
EPSY 578 Qualitative Inquiry Methods

Human Resource Development

HRD 536 International HRD
HRD 590 Seminar for Advanced Students



Civil and Environ Engineering

CEE 434 Environmental Systems I
CEE 444 Env Eng Principles, Biological
CEE 446 Air Quality Engineering
CEE 450 Surface Hydrology
CEE 451 Environmental Fluid Mechanics
CEE 457 Groundwater
CEE 572 Earthquake Engineering
CEE 438 Science & Environmental Policy
CEE 430 Ecological Quality Engineering


ENG 440 International Water Project I
ENG 441 International Water Project II
ENG 471 Seminar Energy & Sustain Engrg

Mechanical Engineering

ME 498 Special Topics

Nuclear, Plasma, Radiolg Engr

NPRE 480 Energy and Security
NPRE 481 Writing on Technol & Security
NPRE 483 Seminar on Security
NPRE 498 Special Topics
NPRE 442 Radioactive Waste Management
NPRE 470 Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Sources


Fine & Applied Arts


ARCH 407 Rome
ARCH 409 Special Topics in Spanish Arch
ARCH 410 Ancient Egyptian & Greek Arch
ARCH 411 Ancient Roman Architecture
ARCH 412 Medieval Architecture
ARCH 413 Renaissance Architecture
ARCH 414 Baroque & Rococo Arch
ARCH 415 Neoclass & Nineteen Cent Arch
ARCH 417 Twentieth-Century Architecture
ARCH 424 Gender & Race in Contemp Arch
ARCH 472 Arch Des in Landscape & Cities
ARCH 511 Seminar in Ancient Arch
ARCH 577 Theories of Architecture
ARCH 591 Spec Prob Arch Hist & Pres
ARCH 403 Spec Topics in Arch History
ARCH 574 Design
ARCH 418 Hist of the Urban Environment
ARCH 513 Sem in Ren & Baroque Arch


ARTD 401 Industrial Design V


ARTE 480 Popular Visual Culture
ARTE 505 Foundations of Art Education
ARTE 506 Theories of Art Education


ARTH 402 Ways of Seeing in Edo Japan
ARTH 403 Word and Image in Chinese Art
ARTH 424 Gothic Art
ARTH 432 Sixteenth-Century Italian Art
ARTH 436 17th c Dutch & Flemish Art
ARTH 440 Romantic Art
ARTH 441 Realism to Post-Impressionism
ARTH 447 France and Its Others
ARTH 491 Topics in Art History
ARTH 501 Seminar in Chinese Art
ARTH 510 Seminar in African Art
ARTH 522 Seminar in Medieval Art
ARTH 535 Seminar in Baroque Art
ARTH 540 Seminar in Art 1750 to 1900
ARTH 541 Seminar in Modern Art
ARTH 546 Seminar in Contemporary Art
ARTH 591 Individual Readings
ARTH 413 Sacred African Diaspora Arts
ARTH 410 West African Art and Ideas
ARTH 423 Romanesque Art
ARTH 433 Fifteenth-Century Italian Art
ARTH 435 Italian Baroque Art
ARTH 445 European Art Between the Wars


DANC 441 Dance History Seminar

Landscape Architecture

LA 513 History of World Landscapes
LA 594 Cultural Heritage


MUS 410 Period Studies in Musicology
MUS 413 Music and Performance
MUS 416 Anthropology of Music
MUS 418 Regional Studies in Musicology
MUS 450 Advanced Ensemble Music
MUS 499 Proseminar in Music
MUS 523 Seminar in Musicology
MUS 532 Global Perspectives on Mus Ed
MUS 414 Music and Society
MUS 464 Jazz History I


THEA 560 Seminar in Theatre History
THEA 591 Special Problems
THEA 460 Multi-Ethnic Theatre
THEA 467 Contemporary Theatrical Forms

Urban and Regional Planning

UP 423 Cmnty Dev in the Global South
UP 474 Neighborhood Revitalization
UP 494 Special Topics in Planning
UP 501 Planning History and Theory
UP 521 International Planning Seminar
UP 597 Urban Planning Research
UP 428 International Planning Studio
UP 504 Urban History and Theory


Gies College of Business


ACCY 512 Data Analytics for Mgmt Acctg
ACCY 553 Selected Topics in Fed Tax
ACCY 593 Special Research Problems
ACCY 554 International Taxation
ACCY 557 Accounting Periods and Methods
ACCY 571 Stat Analyses for Accountancy

Business Administration

BADM 510 Founds of Organizational Behav
BADM 520 Marketing Management
BADM 532 Sustain Design & Enterprise I
BADM 583 Current Topics in Intl Bus
BADM 584 Global Marketing
BADM 586 Intl Comparative Management
BADM 590 Seminar in Business Admin
BADM 593 Research in Special Fields
BADM 582 Multinational Management
BADM 533 Sustain Design & Enterprise II
BADM 551 Managing Intellectual Property
BADM 597 Global Strategy


FIN 551 International Finance
FIN 577 Int’l Environmental Policy
FIN 411 Investment & Portfolio Mngt
FIN 511 Investments
FIN 451 Intl Financial Markets

MBA Program

MBA 531 Special Projects
MBA 504 Prin & Proc of Management II
MBA 505 Topics in Management
MBA 520 Corporate and Global Strategy


Graduate College

Center for Advanced Study

CAS 587 Advanced Study




LAW 618 Natural Resources
LAW 624 Real Estate Finance
LAW 653 International Business Trans
LAW 654 International Trade Policy
LAW 656 International Law
LAW 657 International Human Rights Law
LAW 692 Field Placements
LAW 792 Current Legal Problems
LAW 793 Advanced Litigation Topics
LAW 794 Adv Topics in Business Law
LAW 795 Adv Topics in Criminal Law
LAW 796 Comparative Law Topics
LAW 797 Intellectual Property Topics
LAW 798 Seminars
LAW 501 Professional Responsibility
LAW 598 Law Partner Scholar Notation
LAW 655 European Union Law


Liberal Arts & Sciences

African American Studies

AFRO 400 African Diasporic Lit Americas
AFRO 560 African Diaspora Seminar
AFRO 498 Spec Topics African Am Studies
AFRO 453 Plantation Soc in Americas

African Studies

AFST 410 Modern African Fiction
AFST 515 Practicum in African Studies
AFST 522 Development of African Studies


ANTH 402 Transnational Islam, Europe-US
ANTH 405 Contemporary Central America
ANTH 411 Methods in Cultural Anthrop
ANTH 421 Social Organization
ANTH 423 Economic Anthropology
ANTH 440 Human Paleontology
ANTH 441 Human Genetics
ANTH 443 Primate Form and Behavior
ANTH 448 The Prehistory of Africa
ANTH 452 Stone Tool Technology Analysis
ANTH 459 The Ancient Maya
ANTH 466 Class, Culture and Society
ANTH 467 Cultures of Africa
ANTH 469 Kinship-Culture-Power-Africa
ANTH 472 Border Latina, Latino Cultures
ANTH 499 Topics in Anthropology
ANTH 504 Colonialism & Postcolonialism
ANTH 508 Feminism, Gender and Sexuality
ANTH 512 Language in Culture I
ANTH 515 Seminar in Anthropology
ANTH 557 Social Construction of Space
ANTH 589 Readings in Anthropology
ANTH 590 Dissertation Readings
ANTH 478 African Immigrants in Europe
ANTH 460 Heritage Management
ANTH 420 Case Studies Global Heritage
ANTH 481 Andean Ethnography
ANTH 463 Religion and Society
ANTH 465 Oceania’s Peoples and Cultures
ANTH 486 Peoples of Mainland SE Asia
ANTH 488 Modern Europe
ANTH 502 Ethnicity and Nationalism
ANTH 505 Global Modernities

Asian American Studies

AAS 490 Adv Topics in Asian Am Studies
AAS 561 Race and Cultural Critique

Atmospheric Sciences

ATMS 420 Atmospheric Chemistry
ATMS 449 Biogeochemical Cycles
ATMS 507 Climate Dynamics


BASQ 402 Readings in Basque Studies

Classical Civilization

CLCV 443 The Archaeology of Greece
CLCV 490 Topics in Classical Literature
CLCV 491 Topics Classic Arch & Civ
CLCV 520 Seminar in Class Archaeology


CMN 432 Gender and Language
CMN 450 Adv Topics in Public Discourse
CMN 496 Adv Topics in Communication
CMN 529 Seminar Communication Theory

Comparative & World Literature

CWL 441 Themes in Narrative
CWL 461 Lit Genres and Forms
CWL 471 International Lit Relations
CWL 496 Special Topics in Comp Lit II
CWL 502 Methods of Comparative Lit
CWL 561 Seminar Genres – Forms
CWL 571 Seminar in Literary Relations
CWL 581 Seminar Lit Themes

E. Asian Languages & Cultures

EALC 412 Mod Chinese Lit in Translation
EALC 469 The Ethnography of Korea
EALC 476 Classical Chinese Thought
EALC 490 Individual Study
EALC 500 Proseminar in EALC
EALC 521 Seminar in Chinese Literature
EALC 560 East Asian Language Pedagogy
EALC 590 Individual Study and Research
EALC 411 The Chinese Novel
EALC 413 Premodern Chinese Drama
EALC 415 Mod Japan Lit in Translation
EALC 428 Japan at War and Peace
EALC 475 Discourse&Grammar in EA Langs


ECON 411 Public Sector Economics
ECON 420 International Economics
ECON 450 Development Economics
ECON 452 The Latin American Economies
ECON 481 Govt Reg of Economic Activity
ECON 540 Labor Economics I
ECON 550 Econ of Development and Growth
ECON 551 Topics in Development Econ
ECON 582 Empirical Ind Organization
ECON 590 Individual Study and Research
ECON 598 Workshop and Research Seminar
ECON 514 International Financial
ECON 513 International Trade
ECON 501 Macroeconomics
ECON 517 Monetary Policy
ECON 527 Business International Econ
ECON 532 Econometric Analysis I
ECON 490 Topics in Economics
ECON 425 Macroeconomic Policy
ECON 549 Environmental Economics
ECON 555 Topics in Microeconomics I
ECON 585 Topics in International Econ
ECON 507 Computable G E Modeling


ENGL 407 Introduction to Old English
ENGL 411 Chaucer
ENGL 421 Later Renaiss Poetry & Prose
ENGL 428 British Drama 1660-1800
ENGL 442 British Lit Since 1930
ENGL 455 Major Authors
ENGL 461 Topics in Literature
ENGL 462 Topics in Modern Fiction
ENGL 465 Topics in Drama
ENGL 514 Seminar in Medieval Literature
ENGL 543 Seminar Mod British Lit
ENGL 563 Seminar Themes and Movements
ENGL 578 Seminar Lit &Other Disciplines
ENGL 426 Early 18th Century Literature
ENGL 441 British Lit 1900-1930

English as an Intl Language

EIL 445 Second Lang Reading & Writing
EIL 456 Lang and Social Interaction I
EIL 460 Principles of Language Testing
EIL 487 Topics in Second Lang Studies
EIL 488 Phon for Second Lang Teachers

European Union Studies

EURO 596 Special Topics in EU Studies
EURO 490 Special Topics in EU Studies
EURO 500 Dialogue on Europe
EURO 501 EU Institutions and Governance
EURO 502 The EU in a Global Context
EURO 580 Research Design & Techniques
EURO 590 Directed Ind Study
EURO 415 Europe and the Mediterranean


FR 418 Language&Minorities in Europe
FR 479 Studies in Francophonie
FR 591 Individual Topics
FR 552 Studies French & Comp Cinema
FR 503 The Study of Culture I
FR 504 The Study of Culture II

Gender and Women’s Studies

GWS 459 Gender, Sex, & Postcoloniality
GWS 490 Individual Study
GWS 590 Topics in GWS
GWS 575 Transnational Feminisms
GWS 540 Intersectional Pedagogies


GEOG 410 Green Development
GEOG 455 Geog of Sub-Saharn Africa
GEOG 465 Transportation &Sustainability
GEOG 466 Environmental Policy
GEOG 491 Research in Geography
GEOG 520 Political Ecology
GEOG 594 Seminar in Social Geography
GEOG 595 Advanced Studies in Geography
GEOG 493 Democracy and Environment
GEOG 496 Climate & Social Vulnerability
GEOG 481 Intl Environ Cooperation


GER 420 German Cultural History
GER 493 German Cinema I
GER 494 German Cinema II
GER 576 Open Seminar in German Studies
GER 582 Theories of German Lang Tchg
GER 593 Research in Special Topics


HIST 400 War, Soc, Politics, & Culture
HIST 405 History of Brazil from 1808
HIST 410 Decolonization in Africa
HIST 420 China Under the Qing Dynasty
HIST 422 Soc-Econ Hist Modern China
HIST 430 India from Colony to Nation
HIST 433 History of Jews in Diaspora
HIST 439 The Ottoman Empire
HIST 441 The Roman Empire
HIST 450 European Working Class History
HIST 461 Russia- Peter the Great to Rev
HIST 462 Soviet Union Since 1917
HIST 466 The Balkans
HIST 467 Eastern Europe
HIST 472 Immigrant America
HIST 498 Research and Writing Seminar
HIST 502 Prob in Comparative History
HIST 504 Seminar in History of Science
HIST 507 Prob in Latin American Hist
HIST 510 Problems in African History
HIST 511 Seminar in African History
HIST 520 Problems in Chinese History
HIST 521 Seminar in Chinese History
HIST 542 Problems in Medieval History
HIST 550 Prob Early Mod European Hist
HIST 551 Prob European Hist Since 1789
HIST 560 Problems in Russian History
HIST 570 Prob in American Hist to 1830
HIST 575 Problems African American Hist
HIST 596 Individual Research Project
HIST 597 Reading Course
HIST 598 Teaching of College History
HIST 443 Byzantine Empire AD 284-717
HIST 442 Roman Law and Legal Trad
HIST 552 European Seminar Since 1789
HIST 426 Early Modern Japan
HIST 427 Twentieth-Century Japan
HIST 407 Slavery & Race in Latin Am
HIST 411 20thC Africa Intellectual Hist
HIST 412 Southern Africa Race & Power
HIST 445 Medieval England
HIST 446 Early Modern British Isles
HIST 448 Modern Britain
HIST 449 British Imperialism
HIST 456 Twentieth-Century Germany

Integrative Biology

IB 485 Environ Toxicology & Health
IB 421 Photosynthesis
IB 531 Emerging Infectious Diseases
IB 532 Sustainability & Global Change


ITAL 413 Dante
ITAL 414 Petrarch & Boccaccio
ITAL 420 Masterpieces Renaiss Lit
ITAL 470 Topics in Italian Cinema

Jewish Studies

JS 501 Grad Intro to Jewish Culture

Latin American & Caribbean St

LAST 490 Individual Study
LAST 550 Interdisc Seminar Latin Am St

Latina/Latino Studies

LLS 435 Commodifying Difference
LLS 442 Latina Literature
LLS 473 Immigration, Health & Society
LLS 479 Race, Medicine, and Society
LLS 496 Seminar in Latina/o Studies
LLS 577 Perspectives in LLS


LING 400 Intro to Linguistic Structure
LING 401 Intro to General Phonetics
LING 402 Tools & Tech Spch & Lang Proc
LING 406 Intro to Computational Ling
LING 410 Historical Linguistics
LING 412 Lang in African Culture & Soc
LING 430 Intro to East Asian Ling
LING 450 Sociolinguistics I
LING 490 Special Topics in Linguistics
LING 501 Syntax I
LING 507 Formal Semantics I
LING 516 Field Methods
LING 529 Second Lang Acq & Bilingualism
LING 550 Sociolinguistics II
LING 582 Topics in Phonological Theory
LING 590 Special Topics in Linguistics
LING 591 Seminar in Linguistic Analysis
LING 489 Theoretical Foundations of SLA
LING 407 Logic and Linguistic Analysis
LING 420 Intro to African Linguistics
LING 469 Structure of Semitic Languages


MATH 490 Advanced Topics in Mathematics
MATH 597 Reading Course

Molecular and Cell Biology

MCB 435 Evolution of InfectiousDisease
MCB 436 Global Biosecurity


PHIL 411 Nineteenth Century Philosophy


POL 446 Problems of Polish Literature

Political Science

PS 457 Dem Gov in a Global Setting
PS 491 Internship
PS 511 Proseminar Pol Behavior I
PS 512 Proseminar Pol Behavior II
PS 519 Topics in American Politics
PS 522 Research Design and Techniques
PS 525 Formal Theory I
PS 526 Formal Theory II
PS 540 Proseminar Comp Politics I
PS 549 Topics in Comparative Politics
PS 579 Topics in Pol Theory
PS 580 Proseminar Intl Rel I
PS 582 Intl Political Economy
PS 589 Topics in Intl Rel
PS 590 Research in Selected Topics
PS 586 Prosem Intl Relations II
PS 587 Research Seminar in IR
PS 584 International Cooperation
PS 502 Democratic Political Inst II
PS 507 Collect Action & Interest Grps
PS 521 Phil Bases of Pol Inquiry
PS 524 Methods in Intl Rel
PS 541 Proseminar Comp Politics II
PS 543 Global Democratization
PS 545 Politics of Post-Soviet States
PS 571 History of Pol Theories I
PS 572 History of Pol Theories II
PS 581 International War
PS 583 International Organizations


PORT 595 Special Topics Port & Braz Lit


PSYC 423 Language Acquisition


REL 403 Women in Muslim Societies
REL 408 Islam & Politics in Mid. East
REL 481 Muslim Ethics in Global Age
REL 482 Muslim-Christian Interactions
REL 514 Islamic Theology
REL 484 Buddhist Meditation
REL 495 Topics in Asian Religions
REL 416 Readings in Rabbinic Midrash
REL 440 Early Christian Thought
REL 442 History of Early Judaism
REL 458 Christians and Jews 1099-1789
REL 494 Topics in Religious Thought
REL 496 Topics in History of Judaism
REL 498 Topics in Biblical Studies
REL 480 Islamic Law
REL 567 Mahayana Buddhism
REL 415 Intro Readings of the Talmud
REL 483 Salvation in Islamic Thought


RUSS 460 Russian Culture Studies
RUSS 465 Russian-Jewish Culture
RUSS 418 18th Century Literature
RUSS 511 Russian Literature 1800-1855
RUSS 512 Russian Literature 1855-1905
RUSS 520 Russian Writers
RUSS 535 Nabokov
RUSS 522 Dostoevsky
RUSS 424 Russian Modernism
RUSS 438 Modern Russian Poetry
RUSS 444 Problems in Romanticism
RUSS 445 Problems in Realism
RUSS 466 Russian Women’s Writing
RUSS 521 Gogol

Russian, E European, Eurasian St

REES 495 Senior Seminar
REES 496 Topics in REEE Studies
REES 550 Seminar in REEE Studies
REES 590 Individual Study or Research
REES 596 Topics in REEE Studies

S. Asian & Middle Eastern

SAME 490 Special Topics


SCAN 463 Modern Scandinavian Drama
SCAN 490 Green Screen
SCAN 492 Scandinavian Cinema
SCAN 494 Topics in Scan Languages
SCAN 593 Research in Special Topics
SCAN 470 Imagining the Welfare State
SCAN 576 Children and Youth Literature


SLAV 452 Slavic Cultural Studies
SLAV 477 Post-Communist Fiction
SLAV 525 Problems in Slavic Literature
SLAV 591 Individual Topics
SLAV 430 History of Translation
SLAV 419 Russian & East European Film


SOC 447 Environmental Sociology
SOC 470 Social Movements
SOC 477 Law and Society- ACP
SOC 480 Methods of Field Research
SOC 483 Mid East Societies & Cultures
SOC 496 Advanced Topics in Sociology
SOC 561 Development Theories
SOC 562 Sem in Transnational Studies
SOC 565 Megacities of Global South
SOC 580 Advanced Interpretive Methods
SOC 583 Qualitative Research Methods
SOC 590 Individual Topics in Sociology
SOC 596 Recent Developments in Soc
SOC 471 Collective Action & Revolution
SOC 426 Race, Ed Pol, and Soc Science
SOC 560 Globalization Dynamics Debates
SOC 564 Global Religion and Politics


SPAN 435 Intro Romance Ling
SPAN 557 Sem Romance Ling
SPAN 571 Proseminar For Lang Tchg
SPAN 580 Classroom Lang Acquisition
SPAN 584 Theories in SLA
SPAN 588 Sem Second Lang Learn
SPAN 595 Special Topics in Spanish

Translation Studies

TRST 406 Translation for Professions
TRST 400 Translation in the EU
TRST 401 Translation Study Abroad


UKR 498 Problems in Ukrainian Lit


YDSH 420 Jewish Life-Writing


Provost Academic Programs


INFO 490 Special Topics


School of Information Sciences

Information Sciences

IS 530 Info Needs of Part Communities
IS 585 International Librarianship
IS 490 Advanced Topics Info Studies
IS 502 Libraries Info and Society
IS 525 Government Information
IS 549 Economics of Info
IS 590 Advanced Problems in IS
IS 545 Social Just Info Professions


School of Labor & Empl. Rel.

Labor and Employment Relations

LER 564 HR Training and Development
LER 566 International HR Management
LER 590 Individual Topics
LER 595 Managing Diversity Globally
LER 410 Labor and the European Union


School of Social Work

Social Work

SOCW 436 Intl SW & Development
SOCW 554 Social Ent in Diverse Society
SOCW 561 Special Studies in Soc Work I
SOCW 585 National Social Welfare Policy

Women Gender Global Perspectives

WGGP 581 Gender Relations & Intl Dev


Veterinary Medicine

Comparative Biosciences

CB 594 Comparative Bioscience
CB 540 Wildlife Ecosystem Health


PATH 556 Exotic/Wild Animal Diag Path 1
PATH 557 Exotic/Wild Animal Diag Path 2

Veterinary Clinical Medicine

VCM 671 International Vet Medicine