Featured Courses

  • This course examines different approaches to the evaluation of social  and educational programs. It is open to students across campus (graduate and advanced undergraduate), who are interested in the design and evaluation of programming that serves a spectrum of needs.

  • This is a two-semester course (FA20, SP21) where students will help design a water distribution system for a rural Honduran community addressing the political, social, cultural, and technical considerations.

  • This course provides an introduction to Contextual methodology, which evaluates societal conditions in non-industrialized communities to better understand the uniqueness of place and time that determines the appropriateness of technology.

  • The main objective of this course is to examine the ways in which the fictions in Joseph Conrad’s autobiographical texts work to complicate the reading experience, offering glimpses into the dynamics of the autobiographic genre as a constant struggle between strategies of selfconcealment and self