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9/28, Sam Moyn (Yale), Humane: How the United States Abandoned Peace and Reinvented War.

10/6: Cameron McCarthy (UIUC), Burnished Ornamentalism: the Social Aesthetics of Postcolonial Elite Schools in Globalizing Circumstances

10/11: Vaibhav Kumar (SwaTaleem Foundation) et al., Resilience in the Times of Covid-19: Swataleem's Experience with Rural Adolescent Girls

10/20: Maureen Warren (Krannert Art Museum), Sooa Im McCormick (Cleveland Museum of Art), Thea Quiray Tagle (UMass Boston), & Anita Haldemann (Kunstmuseum Basel), Global Museum Work in Light of the Pandemic and Protests

10/26: Terrell Jermaine Starr (Nonresident Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council's Eurasia Center), Jeff Thibert (Paul and Maureen Stefanick Director, Flatley Center for Undergraduate Student Engagement, University of Notre Dame), Jeff Kyong-McClain (Director of the Idaho Asia Institute), FLAS Alumni Panel

11/9: Janice Jayes (Illinois State University), The Migration System as Modern Feudalism

11/16: Sherry L. Martin (Acting Asia Division Chief, Office of Opinion Research, U.S. Department of State), Public Opinion and the Indo-Pacific's Regional Architecture

12/1: Book Launch: Edward A. Kolodziej (UIUC), Global Governance: Evaluating the Liberal Democratic, Chinese, and Russian Solutions (This event will now take place on February 22, 2022)

12/7: Book Launch: Sonia Hernández (Texas A&M University), For a Just and Better World: Engendering Anarchism in the Mexican Borderlands, 1900-1938



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