Application Instructions

Submit the application form

Applications are now closed for the 2022 ISRL. Please check back in 2023 for the 2023 ISRL application. 


Application Overview

To receive full consideration for funding, please consult our program description and funding details. Applicants must submit all of the following, as required in the application form—

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Project proposal (1-2 pages)
  • Letter of institutional endorsement

While portions of the application form can be saved, we recommend to fill it out in one sitting. You will be prompted to upload documents at the end of the form.


Project Proposal

As part of the application, you will submit a 1-2 page project proposal. During the ISRL, you will develop your proposal into a fully-fleshed document that you will turn in at the end of the lab. The finished materials will be published in our institutional repository, IDEALS. ISRL welcomes proposals from faculty, librarians, and administrators; because of this variety, we expect and appreciate a wide range of different project proposals.

Acceptable proposal formats—

  • A draft or current syllabus
  • An abstract and white paper
  • A library collection development plan abstract
  • A draft plan for a new international education program

Your proposal should consider your project's vision, methods of implementation, projected impact, timeline to implementation, and fit. Depending on the type of document you plan to ultimately submit, you should address the following guidelines. 

Course Development

  • What is the theme/problem addressed in the course and how will it expand current international and area studies course offerings at your institution?
  • What are the intellectual/ethical and pedagogical commitments that inform your curriculum? What is the particular urgency to develop this course?
  • Outline learning objectives. What subject-matter knowledge and global competence skills are students expected to master?
  • How will your teaching methods and assessment tools help achieve these learning outcomes?
  • What Illinois resources do you intend to consult?
  • What is the timeline from developing the syllabus to teaching the course?
  • Expected student enrollment numbers in the first year
  • How is the course a fit for the students and in line with initiatives at your department or campus?

Library Development

  • What collections or resources are to be developed and how will these increase current global and area studies resources available at your library?
  • How does your project fit with current library development plans or initiatives at your institution?
  • How will new resources facilitate teaching and research on your campus?
  • What is the timeline from development to implementation?
  • The number of students and faculty that you expect will benefit in the first year
  • How will you measure success and when will evidence be gathered for the purposes of evaluation?
  • What Illinois resources do you intend to consult and how will you participation in the ISRL facilitate this project?

International Education Programs

  • How will the organization of your academic program or outreach event expand current international programing at your institution?
  • How is the program/event you envision a fit for your stakeholders and in line with current initiatives or the mission of your institution?
  • What are your objectives in intellectual and pedagogical terms? What is the urgency behind achieving them?
  • What are the particular tasks to be undertaken? Which campus units and what resources will be mobilized?
  • What is the timeline from development to implementation?
  • Number of students, faculty, and community members you expect to reach in the first year
  • How will you measure success and when will evidence be gathered for the purposes of evaluation?
  • How will your participation in the ISRL facilitate this project?


Letters of Institutional Endorsement

The Center for Global Studies requests letters in order to gage the institutional support (logistical and/or financial) and commitment that applicants will have at their disposal for the implementation of their projects. Please include a letter with your application.