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Sara Rachel Benson

Associate Professor

Research Interests

The ultimate goal of Sara Benson's research agenda is to shape the future of copyright policy by examining both on-the-ground practice in libraries and museums as well as the socio-political guiding principles behind such practices.  

Additional Campus Affiliations

Copyright Librarian, University Library
Associate Professor, University Library
Associate Professor, School of Information Sciences
Associate Professor, European Union Center

Recent Publications

Benson, S. R., & Ocepek, M. (2023). Information Science Students’ Emotional Response to Copyright. Journal of Education for Library and Information Science, 64(2), 159-168.

Benson, S. R., Myers, C. S., & Vollmer, T. (2022). CASE Act: Implications for college and research libraries. College and Research Libraries News, 83(5), 214-218.

Benson, S. (2022). Rights issues in the digitization of library collections. In J. Coates, V. Owen, & S. Reilly (Eds.), Navigating Copyright for Libraries: Purpose and Scope (pp. 175-193). (IFLA Publications; Vol. 181). De Gruyter.

Benson, S. R., Trei, K., & Hensley, M. K. (2021). A Qualitative Study of Undergraduate STEM Majors’ Copyright Knowledge and Educational Experiences. College and Research Libraries, 82(6), 845-862.

Benson, S. R. (2021). Compact Copyright: Quick Answers to Common Questions. ALA Editions.

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