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Nolan H Miller


Additional Campus Affiliations

Director, Center for Business & Public Policy, Gies College of Business
Daniel & Cynthia Mah Helle Professor, Gies College of Business
Professor, Finance
Professor, Economics
Chair, Senate Committee on Educational Policy, Office of the Provost

Recent Publications

Carey, C., Miller, N. H., & Molitor, D. (2022). Why Does Disability Increase During Recessions? Evidence from Medicare. (NBER Working Paper; No. 29988). National Bureau of Economic Research.

Heutel, G., Miller, N. H., & Molitor, D. (2021). ADAPTATION AND THE MORTALITY EFFECTS OF TEMPERATURE ACROSS U.S. CLIMATE REGIONS. Review of Economics and Statistics, 103(4), 740-753.

Zou, E., Worsham, C., Miller, N. H., Molitor, D., Reif, J., & Jena, A. B. (2020). Emergency Visits for Thunderstorm-Related Respiratory Illnesses among Older Adults. JAMA Internal Medicine, 180(9), 1248-1250.

Deryugina, T., Heutel, G., Miller, N. H., Molitor, D., & Reif, J. (2019). The mortality and medical costs of air pollution: Evidence from changes in wind direction. American Economic Review, 109(12), 4178-4219.

Jensen, R., & Miller, N. H. (2018). Market integration, demand, and the growth of firms: Evidence from a natural experiment in India. American Economic Review, 108(12), 3583-3625.

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