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Lesley M Wexler


Research Interests

Employment Discrimination; Environmental Law and Conservation; (International)
Human Rights; International and Comparative Law; Labor Law; Laws of War; Tort Law


J.D. University of Chicago Law School
B.A. University of Michigan

Additional Campus Affiliations

John D. Colombo Professor, College of Law
Professor, College of Law
Professor, Women & Gender in Global Perspectives

Recent Publications

Robbennolt, J. K., & Wexler, L. M. (2021). Service Members' Reactions to Amends for Lawful Civilian Casualties. University of Illinois Law Review, 2021(3), 399-458.

Wexler, L. M. (2021). Biden's #MeToo Presidency: Military and Campus Justice Reform. University of Illinois Law Review Online.

Wexler, L. M. (2019). #MeToo and Law Talk. University of Chicago Legal Forum, 2019, 343-370.

Wexler, L. M. (2019). #MeToo and Procedural Justice. Richmond Public Interest Law Review, 22(2), 13-24.

Wexler, L. M., Robbennolt, J. K., & Murphy, C. (2019). #MeToo, Time's Up, and Theories of Justice. University of Illinois Law Review, 2019(1), 45-111.

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