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Geoffrey J D Hewings

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Contact Information

65-67 Mumford Hall
1301 W Gregory Drive
Urbana, IL 61801

Professor Emeritus

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor Emeritus, Geography and Geographic Information Science
Professor Emeritus, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Professor Emeritus, Lemann Center for Brazilian Studies
Professor Emeritus, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Recent Publications

Bhattacharjee, A., Pabst, A., Szendrei, T., & Hewings, G. J. D. (Accepted/In press). NiReMS: A regional model at household level combining spatial econometrics with dynamic microsimulation. Spatial Economic Analysis.

Hewings, G. J. D. (2024). Regional Contributions to Macroeconomic Models. Scienze Regionali. Advance online publication.

Montanía, C. V., Márquez, M. A., Fernández-Núñez, T., & Hewings, G. J. D. (2024). Toward a more comprehensive shift-share analysis: An illustration using regional data. Growth and Change, 55(1), Article e12693.

Pan, H., Yao, Y., Ming, Y., Hong, Z., & Hewings, G. (2024). Whither less is more? Understanding the contextual and configurational conditions of polycentricity to improve urban agglomeration efficiency. Cities, 149, Article 104884.

Ramajo, J., Márquez, M. A., & Hewings, G. J. D. (2024). Addressing spatial dependence when estimating technical efficiency: A spatialized data envelopment analysis of regional productive performance in the European Union. Growth and Change, 55(1), Article e12711.

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