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Gisela Sin

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Contact Information

318 David Kinley Hall
1407 W Gregory Dr
M/C 713
Urbana, IL 61801

Associate Professor


PhD. University of Michigan 2007
BA, Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1996

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, Political Science
Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
Director, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Associate Professor, Lemann Center for Brazilian Studies
Associate Professor, European Union Center

Highlighted Publications

Sin, G. (2014). Separation of Powers and Legislative Organization: The President, the Senate, and Political Parties in the Making of House Rules. Cambridge University Press.

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Recent Publications

Powell, E. N., Schwindt-Bayer, L., & Sin, G. (2023). Women in Legislative Studies: Improving Gender Equality. PS - Political Science and Politics, 56(4), 591-597.

Cheibub, J. A., Moreira, T., Sin, G., & Tanabe, K. (2022). Dynamic party system fragmentation. Electoral Studies, 76, Article 102440.

Magar, E., Palanza, V., & Sin, G. (2021). Presidents on the fast track: Fighting floor amendments with restrictive rules. Journal of Politics, 83(2), 633-646.

Cheibub, J. A., & Sin, G. (2020). Preference vote and intra-party competition in open list PR systems. Journal of Theoretical Politics, 32(1), 70-95.

Harbridge-Yong, L., & Sin, G. (Eds.) (2020). Spotlight: Interviews, Reflections, and Advice from Women in Legislative Studies. PS - Political Science and Politics, 53(2).

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