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Daniel L Rock


Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Pathobiology

Recent Publications

Delhon, G., Khatiwada, S., Doub, D., Harris, S., Chaulagain, S., El-Gaffary, M., & Rock, D. L. (2023). Bovine papular stomatitis virus as a vaccine vector for cattle. Journal of General Virology, 104(11).

Chaulagain, S., Delhon, G. A., Khatiwada, S., & Rock, D. L. (2021). African Swine Fever Virus CD2v Protein Induces β-Interferon Expression and Apoptosis in Swine Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells. Viruses, 13(8), Article 1480.

Khatiwada, S., Delhon, G., Chaulagain, S., & Rock, D. L. (2021). The novel ORFV protein ORFV113 activates LPA-p38 signaling. PLoS pathogens, 17(10), Article e1009971.

Rock, D. L. (2021). Thoughts on African Swine Fever Vaccines. Viruses, 13(5), Article 943.

Sui, C., Jiang, D., Wu, X., Liu, S., Li, F., Pan, L., Cong, X., Li, J., Yoo, D., Rock, D. L., Miller, L. C., Lee, C., Du, Y., & Qi, J. (2021). Inhibition of antiviral innate immunity by foot-and-mouth disease virus Lpro through interaction with the n-terminal domain of swine RNase L. Journal of virology, 95(15), Article e00361-21.

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