Video Recordings of Teach-ins and Other Lectures

Prof. Eric T. Freyfogle, “Water, Community, and the Culture of Owning (10/14/2020)

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Prof. Courtney Cuthbertson, “Toxic Water and Corroded Trust: Stress and Mental Health in the Flint Water Crisis” (10/07/2020)


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Prof. Ian Brooks, “WHO, The Center for Health Informatics, and COVID-19”  (09/29/20)

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Prof. Rajmohan Gandhi,”Inequalities, ethnonationalism and the pandemic: An attempt to understand current trends in the U.S. and in India.”  (09/15/20)

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MillerComm: Framing the Global Immigrant Challenge: Evidence From Elected Representatives’ Tweets (10/17/19)

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Racial Capitalism Symposium (3/29-30/19)

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MillerComm: Constructing Solidarity in the Global Justice Movement: A Feminist Perspective (3/13/2019)

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MillerComm: Facts, Objects, and Visions in the Design of Globalizing Knowledge (10/24/18)

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Debate on the Meaning of Global-Globalizing Knowledge (9/26/18)

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MillerComm: Human Rights, Gender Violence, and the Challenge of Global Governance by Number (4/10/18)

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Survey Data And Soft Power: The Place Of Quantitative Analysis In Global Governance (11/14/17)





More Than A Statistic: Exploring The Global Implications Of The Syrian Refugee Crisis (9/22/17)





Joint Area Centers Symposium 2017 – Governing Globalization: Challenges For Democracy And Global Society (3/31/17)




The United Nations In Its 8th Decade: Constructing A Balance Sheet (3/7/17)





Islam In America and Around The World (2/10/17)





Transatlantic Relations In The Aftermath Of U.S. Elections (11/10/16)





Teach-In: Rejecting Globalization – The Rise Of Populism And Xenophobia In 2016 (10/4/16)





Isis And The Global Rise Of Religious Rebellions (4/28/16)





Teach-In: Climate Change – International Policies And Human Impacts (4/5/16)





Chai Wai Series: Brazil And Rio 2016 Olympics (3/8/16)




Teach-In: European Refugee Crisis (9/24/15)




Teach-In: The Iran Deal (9/10/15)




Islam And Violence: Three Major Issues (3/16/15)





Teach-In: Global Security Under A Changing Climate (2/11/15)




Teach-In: Ebola 101 (11/7/14)



Teach-In: The Islamic State And The Implosion Of Syria And Iraq (10/2/14)



Teach-In: Ebola And Global Health (9/18/14)



Teach-In: Conflict In Syria (9/20/13)



Prepare To Face The Media And Learn To Create Buzz (11/30/12)




What News Media Look For In A Trusted Source (11/30/12)




Help Is On The Way: The Illinois News Bureau (11/30/12)



Illinois Global Health Initiative – Dr. Ratzan Seminar (4/5/12)



Pakistan: A Continuing Crisis, An Uncertain Future (1/18/12)





The Libyan Revolution: Context And Implications (11/10/11)




When Existing Assemblages Of Territory, Authority, And Rights Become Unstable (5/5/11)



Iran And Russia (4/2/11)




China-Iran Relations (4/2/11)





The End Of National European Armies? (3/10/11)



Impediments And Opportunities For Interdisciplinary/Inter-Professional Cooperation At Illinois (3/5/11)