CGS proudly hosted a talk on Reconceptualizing Citizenship and Civic Engagement from the Perspectives of Newcomer Immigrant and Refugee Youth by Liv Thorstensson Dávila on February 26, 2020.

Dr. Davila

Speaker Bio: Dr. Davila is an Assistant Professor of Education Policy, Organization & Leadership for the College of Eduction at Illinois. Her research examines the intersection of language learning and identity among immigrant and refugee students.

Event Description: This presentation drew on qualitative research with Central African immigrant and refugee U.S. high school students that focused on their language and literacy development and civic engagement, including their responses to anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies during a year and a half period following the Trump election. Dr. Davila’s research offers a robust conceptualization of the dynamic relationship between global mobility, displacement and identity formation among immigrant and refugee youths in resettlement contexts.



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