GLBL 296: Seminar in Global Studies

GLBL 296
The Dome of the Rock

This course considers the role of “global cultural governance” in the resolution as well as exacerbation of conflicts that occur because of heritage claims. These conflicts may be bloody and lethal, as when ethnic groups war with each other within a country or when countries attack each other over claims to a site that each considers as “their heritage.” Other conflicts may be vigorous but enacted through international lawsuits, for instance over objects in museums that each side professes to own. Thus, “global cultural governance” can be applied to European museums with artifacts from societies that were subjugated through colonialism. Moreover, “global cultural heritage governance” may be implicated in local contexts – as with current controversies over statues of people who were involved in historic events of global resonance. In this course, we consider a range of cases of cultural heritage conflicts and how they have been or might be or won’t be resolved.

Credit Hours: 1
Instructor: Prof. Helaine Silverman, Department of Anthropology
Day/Time: Wednesday 3:00PM – 4:50PM
Semester: Spring 2021

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