iSEE Congress - Spring 2021

In the seventh iSEE Congress, we are partnering with the Joint Area Centers (JACS), three of which are funded through U.S. Department of Education Title VI grants, and the Illinois Global Institute to readdress the topic of global water crises.

Water is not only a basic human need, but also serves as a critical input for energy and food production as well as ecosystem services — which in turn affect human livelihoods and well-being. Climate change is leading to increased hydrologic variability with a significant impact on the hydrologic cycle, water availability, and water demand at the global, regional, and local levels.

Over a series of Zoom webinars (see schedule and speakers below), “The Future of Water” brings together a diverse group of researchers, educators, journalists, and activists to dive deeper into the topic. Our modified “teach-in” will introduce the Illinois campus and community to cutting-edge thinking from highly influential scholars on topics ranging from drought to the global politics of water to pollution, public health, and biodiversity.

The Congress 2021 organizing committee includes iSEE Associate Director for Education & Outreach Gillen D’Arcy Wood, Geology Professor and Illinois Water Scholars Chair Jim Best, Center for Global Studies (CGS) Director and Associate Professor at the International & Area Studies Library Steven Witt, Musicology Associate Professor Michael Silvers, CGS Associate Director Donna Tonini, iSEE Academic Program Instructor/Advisor Eric Green, iSEE Graduate Educational Research Intern Paul Gharzouzi, and student volunteers. The Peter Gleick and Joan Rose events are MillerComm Lectures sponsored by the Center for Advanced Studies.

Conference Events

Noon Tuesday, April 6: Marcus King

Noon Wednesday, April 14: Book Talk With Catherine Coleman Flowers

Noon Tuesday, April 20: Peter Gleick (MillerComm Lecture)

Noon Friday, April 23: Joan Rose (MillerComm Lecture)