Join the CGS in welcoming Helaine Silverman for her lecture on April 4th at 12PM at the International and Area Studies Library, Room 309 and on Zoom, "Weaponizing Cultural Heritage: Nationalist Contestations of the Past in Thailand and Cambodia".

This talk traces the belligerent history between Thailand and Cambodia over a beautiful ancient Khmer temple located on the contested border between the two countries. The struggle is noteworthy for its persistence over more than a century, its transethnic character, and its intersection with dramatic contemporary politics in both countries. The dispute also reveals the significant role that iconic sites can play in the construction of national identity as well as the value of these sites in the competitive global tourism market – including the UNESCO World Heritage List designation as a coveted destination brand.

Dr. Helaine Silverman is Professor in the Department of Anthropology and Director of CHAMP/Collaborative for Cultural Heritage Management and Policy ( at the University of Illinois. She is also an affiliate of the Campus Honors Program, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Center for Global Studies, European Union Center, Department of Landscape Architecture and Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism.