Culture at Arm's Length: Exploring the Effects of Culture and Thinking Style on Visual Aesthetics and Responses to Consumer Selfies



On April 28, 2022 at 12pm (CST) on Zoom, Olga Shabalina (PhD candidate in the College of Media) will present two studies that explore the role of thinking style on consumer selfie visual aesthetics across cultures. She situates selfies within the larger history of self-portraiture and investigates whether cultural predisposition to compose self- images in a specific way reported earlier holds true in the constraining conditions of selfie technology, i.e., in consumer selfies created by analytic U.S. and holistic Chinese and Russian consumers. The research extends discussion in advertising literature reporting inconclusive evidence of the effects of thinking style on ad outcomes and suggests that consideration of culture remains important as technology continues to shape consumers’ media creation and engagement.

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