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Bjorn Malekin

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Germanic Languages and Literatures
2090 FLB
Senior Lecturer


I did my PhD at the University of Glasgow’s Center for Literature, Theology and the Arts where my research focused on broadly religious questions thrown up by some of the later plays of August Strindberg. Implicated in these questions were the seismic shifts in 19C European religious consciousness engendered by a mix of Darwinism, Biblical criticism and a growing awareness of the religious traditions of Asia. My interests remain interdisciplinary in nature, lying at the intersection of literature and the arts with broad intellectual and religious currents.

Courses Taught

  • Scan 251 Viking Mythology
  • Scan 252 Viking Sagas in Translation
  • Scan 463 Ibsen in Translation

selected publications


  • Strindberg and Sacred Theatre. Amsterdam & New York: Rodopi, 2010.