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Linda Cox


Dr. Linda Cox is an Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas.
Her areas of interest include human rights and capabilities, relational ethics, gender and women's
studies, and narrative theory. She teaches classes including Ethics: Global Studies Focus, Ethics:
Peace and Conflict Studies Focus, and Great Questions Seminar.

Research Description

For the 2021 International Studies Research Lab at UIUC, Dr. Cox developed a research guide on "Gender Inclusive Strategic Peacebuilding in the Community College" for instructors and librarians to use to further students' understanding of local, bottom-up approaches to peacebuilding in a gendered context. Through globalized case studies, the guide introduces students to the conceptual framework of strategic peacebuilding, especially the theories of Lisa Schirch and John Paul Lederach, and will include a resource guide for use in classes or through the LibGuide platform at the college.

For the 2022 ISRL, Dr. Cox plans on developing a Gender Inclusive Peacebuilding unit in a ethics course. 


Ph.D., English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

M.A., Philosophy, Duke University

B.A., English, Rice University


International Studies Research Lab — 2021, 2022