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Carlos Javier Torelli


Additional Campus Affiliations

Head, Business Administration
Anthony Petullo Professor, Business Administration
Professor, Business Administration
Professor, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Recent Publications

Cho, H., Guo, Y., & Torelli, C. (2022). Collectivism fosters preventive behaviors to contain the spread of COVID-19: Implications for social marketing in public health. Psychology and Marketing, 39(4), 694-700.

Michel, G., Torelli, C. J., Fleck, N., & Hubert, B. (2022). Self-brand values congruity and incongruity: Their impacts on self-expansion and consumers’ responses to brands. Journal of Business Research, 142, 301-316.

Torelli, C. J., Guo, Y., & Cho, H. (2022). Women’s Attitudes toward Sexual Objectification in Brands: A Political Ideology Perspective. Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 7(3), 371-381.

Rodas, M. A., John, D. R., & Torelli, C. J. (2021). Building Brands for the Emerging Bicultural Market: The Appeal of Paradox Brands. Journal of Consumer Research, 48(4), 633-650. Article ucab037.

Torelli, C. J., Oh, H., & Stoner, J. L. (2021). Cultural equity: knowledge and outcomes aspects. International Marketing Review, 38(1), 99-123.

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