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Christina Suzanne Bollo

Assistant Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Professor, School of Architecture
Chair, Health & Well-being Program, School of Architecture

Recent Publications

Bollo, C. (2022). Designed for Home: Opportunities for Enhanced Ontological Security in Permanent Supportive Housing Apartments. Journal of Interior Design, 47(4), 49-67.

Bollo, C., & Donofrio, A. (2022). Trauma-informed design for permanent supportive housing: four case studies from Seattle and Denver. Housing and Society, 49(3), 229-250. Advance online publication.

Chakraborty, S., Staub, A., & Bollo, C. (2022). Maximizing minimums: space-utilization in the small homes in the Mumbai metropolitan region. Archnet-IJAR, 16(2), 378-395.

Rollings, K. A., & Bollo, C. S. (2021). Permanent Supportive Housing Design Characteristics Associated with the Mental Health of Formerly Homeless Adults in the U.S. and Canada: An Integrative Review. International journal of environmental research and public health, 18(18), Article 9588.

Bollo, C. S., & Cole, R. J. (2019). Decoupling climate-policy objectives and mechanisms to reduce fragmentation. Building Research and Information, 47(2), 219-233.

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