Program for Arms Control & International Security (ACDIS)

International Security

With ACDIS, CGS facilitates research, teaching and outreach on Security & Natural Resource Conflict as a global issue through an undergraduate certificate; interdisciplinary course development; academic conferences and publications; K-12/16 teacher training and workshops; and informed lectures for diverse audiences in these areas.


Global Studies Library

Cross-disciplinary Expertise to Support Research on Global Issues
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The Global Studies Library provides access to cross-disciplinary resources such as databases, books, journals, and documents, and a dedicated Global Studies Librarian to assist with global studies research and course support.


Summer Institute for the Languages of the Muslim World

Learn Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Swahili and other languages
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SILMW provides a unique opportunity to explore the languages and cultures of the Muslim World and interact with experts in this region. In addition to classroom instruction, SILMW includes extracurricular activities on the traditions of the Muslim World communities.