EPSY 590: Ethnographic Methods

EPSY 590

This 8-week online course provides the opportunity to learn about the application of ethnographic methods in various formal and informal educational settings (e.g., schools, homes, churches, and non-profit programs). In addition to introducing students to the methodological approach of ethnography, the course will grapple with the current moment: What does ethnography look like in the era of COVID19? How can students rethink data collection strategies and ways of “being in the field” while preserving the ethnographic approach of their work? We will read contemporary ethnographies, brainstorm and share adapted strategies, and explore the avenues of historical ethnography, autoethnography, and digital ethnography.

Credit Hours: 4
Instructor: Prof. Melissa Rae Goodnight
Day/Time: Tuesday, 1-4 pm from 1/25-3/19/21
Semester: Spring 2021