Joint Area Centers Symposium – 2017 Governing Globalization: Challenges for Democracy and Global Society

Panel 1: Governing the Global Society and Economy: Order, Welfare, and Legitimacy

Srini Sitaraman – ‘America First’ is Making China Great Again and Russia is Right in the Mix: Trump’s Foreign Policy in Age of Xi and Putin and its Bearing on South China Sea and Indian Ocean Region


Richard Ned Lebow – Equality, Fairness, Political Stability


Panel 2: Challenges to the Global Society: Armed Conflict, Terrorism, and Nuclear Proliferation

Cliff Singer – Partitioning the Nuclear Oceans


Marvin Weinbaum – The Bright and Dark Sides of Globalization: The Case of Afghanistan

Panel 3: Challenges to the Global Society: Energy, Environment, and Resources

Don Wuebbles – Our Changing Climate: One of the Most Important Issues of the 21st Century

Panel 5: Historical Perspectives on Articulation between the Local and the Global

Badredine Arfi – Muslims and Secularism between History and Glocal Systems of Governance

Roger Kanet – Russia and Global Governance

Antonio Sotomayor – Empire, Sport, and Religion in Puerto Rico and Cuba’s YMCA, 1898-1930s