The Center for Global Studies is committed to student learning on global issues confronting the world's populations in order to facilitate deep understanding of the values, thinking, practices, and aspirations of the world's diverse cultures.

Within the University

COURSES & SYLLABI developed by faculty and disciplinary units with CGS funding support are identified within one or more Research Clusters. CGS also supports graduate and undergraduate CERTIFICATES & DEGREE programs that focus substantially on global phenomena and issues, or provide a framework through which to analyze and explore these issues from a global perspective.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE AND AREA STUDIES FELLOWSHIPS (FLAS) for language study, particularly of Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL) are awarded to exceptional graduate students who plan to pursue professional work related to globalization. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers a wide variety of LCTL courses. If the language you wish to study is not offered on this campus, we suggest looking at the University of Minnesota’s North American LCTL Course Listings. Overseas language programs must meet FLAS requirements and be approved in advance by the Department of Education.

The Center maintains information on  EMPLOYMENT and INTERNSHIP  opportunities for students interested in working on activities related to global issues.

Research on Global Issues

For assistance with locating resources and publications for reserach and courses, the Center has developed a GLOBAL STUDIES SEARCH ENGINE. The POLICY STUDIES RESEARCH RESOURCES offers a compilation of organizations and think tanks that produce policy documents on global issues.