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Latin American Responses to Globalization in the 21st Century

ISBN: 9781137003126 (electronic book)
Author(s): Nilsson, Manuela; Jan Gustafsson


Mobility at large: globalization, textuality and innovative travel writing

ISBN: 9781846318214
Author(s): Edwards, Justin D; Rune Graulund


Mapping an empire of American sport: expansion, assimilation, adaptation and resistance

ISBN: 9780415636865
Author(s): Dyreson, Mark; J.A. Mangan; Roberta J. Park


Latin American responses to globalization in the 21st century

ISBN: 9780230347748
Author(s): Nilsson, Manuela; Jan Gustafsson


Justice in a globalized world: a normative framework

ISBN: 9780199593859
Author(s): Valentini, Laura


Greenprint : a new approach to cooperation on climate change

ISBN: 9781933286679
Author(s): Mattoo, Aaditya


Globalizing art : negotiating place, identity and nation in contemporary Nordic art

ISBN: 9788779345720
Author(s): Thomsen, Bodil Marie; Kristin Ørjasæter


Globalization from below : the world's other economy

ISBN: 9780415535083
Author(s): Mathews, Gordon; Gustavo Lins Ribeiro; Carlos Alba Vega


Globalization and development in East Asia

ISBN: 9780415807036
Author(s): Nederveen Pieterse, Jan; Jongtae Kim


Global leadership : research, practice, and development

ISBN: 9780415405232
Author(s): Mendenhall, Mark E.