Faculty Affiliates

The Center for Global Studies has over 350 faculty affiliates whose work promotes cross-unit and interdisciplinary research and instruction. The Center works in concert with a variety of departments across campus. Reflecting this diversity are a faculty that, in a variety of ways, incorporate global issues into their research and/or teaching. Assembled here is a collection of brief profiles, contact information and links to individual web pages that present faculty research and expertise in more detail.

Environmental Sustainability

Zsuzsa Gille

Photograph gille
Email gille@nospam56b758353acb1.illinois.edu
Title Associate Professor
Department Sociology

Edmund Seebauer

Photograph seebauer
Email eseebaue@nospam56b758353bbce.illinois.edu
Title Professor
Department Chemical Engineering

Donald Wuebbles

Photograph wuebbles
Email wuebbles@nospam56b758353cbda.illinois.edu
Title Professor
Department Atmospheric Sciences

Global Health

Laurie Kramer

Photograph laurie-kramer
Email lfkramer@nospam56b758353ea8f.illinois.edu
Title Professor
Department Human and Community Development

Brian Ross

Photograph ross
Email bhross@nospam56b758353fa59.illinois.edu
Title Professor
Department Psychology

International Security&Law&Human Rights

Abbas Benmamoun

Photograph Benamoun
Email benmamou@nospam56b7583541c6a.illinois.edu
Title Vice Provost
Department Provost's Office

Hadi Esfahani

Photograph Hadi Esfahani, professor, economics; interim director of global studies, LAS.
Email esfahani@nospam56b7583542cb8.illinois.edu
Title Professor
Department Economics and Business Administration

Barbara Hancin-Bhatt

Photograph Bhatt
Email hancinbh@nospam56b7583543c4c.illinois.edu
Title Assistant Dean
Department Liberal Arts and Sciences

Patrick Keenan

Photograph pjkeenan
Email pjkeenan@nospam56b7583544c73.illinois.edu
Title Professor
Department Law

Faranak Miraftab

Photograph miraftab
Email faranak@nospam56b7583545bfb.illinois.edu
Title Professor
Department Urban and Regional Planning

Madhu Viswanathan

Photograph Madhu Viswanathan, professor - business adminstration
Email mviswana@nospam56b7583546cb9.illinois.edu
Title Professor, Business


Nick Burbules

Photograph Nicholas Burbules - professor, Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership
Email burbules@nospam56b758354896c.illinois.edu
Title Professor
Department Education Policy

Steven W. Witt

Photograph Steve Witt
Email swwitt@nospam56b75835496fb.illinois.edu
Title Interim Director
Department Center for Global Studies