Nuclear Weapons

Dr. Colin Flint, Associate Professor of Geography and Director of the Program in Arms Control, Disarment and International Security, and Dr. John Vasquez, Professor of Political Science and Specialist in International Relations at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, discuss nuclear weapons, global terrorism, global governance over nuclear weapons and the question of what could happen if nuclear weapons spread.

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In part 1, Dr. Colin Flint explains the “era of proliferation”, what the Nuclear Proliferation treaty and the CTBT treaty contain and mean and views of global terrorism.


In part 2, Dr. Colin Flint explains the roles of global governance over nuclear weapons, the positive and negative aspects of global governance and who “non-state actors” are and the role they play.


In part 3, Dr. John Vasquez explains different views of what could happen if we had a world full of nuclear weapons, how the world is dealing with nuclear proliferation, and why terrorism occurs and how to eliminate it.


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