Language and Globalization

Dr. Rakesh Bhatt, Professor of Linguistics at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, explains the topic of language and globalization through language and linguistic cultural challenges faced by India and Singapore including diversity, creating an official language, language adaptations and globalization through language.

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In part 1, Dr. Rakesh Bhatt explains Singapore’s top down approach to cultural diversity and India’s openness to cultural diversity.


In part 2, Dr. Rakesh Bhatt explains why the U.S. should leave the idea of declaring an official language alone using examples from Singapore and India.


In part 3, Dr. Rakesh Bhatt explains the pros and cons of the English language’s expansion to India and Singapore.


In part 4, Dr. Rakesh Bhatt discusses the idea of what could happen if the world becomes completely globalized using language as a connector.


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