Food Security

Dr. Alex Winter-Nelson, Professor of Agriculture and Consumer Economics at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, discusses the source of the problem of world hunger (poverty), if extreme poverty can be reduced or eliminated and how and what effect globalization has had.

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Part 1 covers fears of a global famine, trends in food production and cost over the past century and two of the reasons for a recent spike in food prices and lower food stocks: bio-fuels and rising income. Additionally, Winter-Nelson cites the source of the hunger problem.


Part 2 covers the question of whether extreme poverty can be reduced or eliminated and the three things that are needed in order for it to happen. In addition, part 2 covers the primary reason people are going hungry and why people in extreme poverty might be worse off than before.


Part 3 covers the effects of globalization on development using the example of Wal-Mart to illustrate the effect that globalized grocery stores have on African farmers.


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