Bridging Cultures Initiative

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The Bridging Cultures program, a joint initiative of the Center for Global Studies and the Illinois-Northwestern African Studies Consortium, consists of cross-cultural, international programming on educational practice, pedagogy, and policy. Moving beyond the academic and theoretical of most teacher workshops, Bridging Cultures provides teachers with real-world comparative approaches. Workshops and other sessions are held jointly with a cohort of visiting international secondary educators from the Global Institute for Secondary Educators– a U.S. Department of State program held annually at the University of Illinois.  Through close interaction with foreign teachers from 20 different countries, American teachers participating in the Bridging Cultures Initiative have an opportunity to share their craft, while gaining new understandings of cultural and educational practices in many other countries that will enhance their ability to infuse their curriculum with multicultural perspectives.  Intensive collaboration in workshops, structured discussions, and guided lesson planning will provide opportunities for the establishment of relationships between American and international teachers that will stimulate partnerships and coordinated activities in their respective classrooms. Round Table